Job summary:

Instructional designer with child welfare


Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 05/10/2022 06:23 am

Job description:

*** Long term contract; initial PO for 1 year but usually goes for 4-5 years *** Remote

  • Analyze, design, and develop instructional interactions including lecture, discussion, case analysis, role-playing, presentations, small and large group exercises, scripts, graphics, job aids, participant manuals, facilitator guides, slide decks, and assessments to increase knowledge transfer and retention.
  • Develop and design courses and curriculum.
  • Edit and develop online learning materials.
  • Analyze, update, and refine existing online content
  • Create computer-based training (CBT) modules and storyboards.
  • Work directly with SMEs and DCF OCFW Learning and Development team to define and prioritize instructional design goals/objectives.
  •  Work with SMEs and DCF OCFW Learning and Development team to collaborate and design existing content and identify gaps for new content.
  • Create instructional design outline/storyboard to enable the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to come to an agreement on design, content and evaluation criteria.
  • Interact with SMEs at all levels of organization and incorporate feedback to improve and update content of the learning modules.
  • Submit monthly project updates. The updates will include an overview of the work the vendor has been performing under this contract and include all the tasks listed in section 3, Elements of Service, of the contract.
  • Submit a bi-weekly work log to include the amount of time the vendor has allocated to each of their assigned tasks during the reporting period and identify which tasks have been completed and the status of pending tasks to be completed.
  • Develop and create trainings listed in Attachment D, Training Courses. The Department reserves the right to modify the trainings that the vendor shall help create and develop based on the Department’s needs.
  • Complete projects according to deadlines, per sections 4., Deliverables, and 5., Reports, with high quality.
  • Develop and create trainings consistent with the criteria listed in the Attachment C, Training and Standards Criteria. Any modifications to the Department’s Training and Standard Criteria may occur during the lifetime of the purchase order and shall not require a formal amendment.


  • Bachelor’s in Adult learning or Instructional Design/Technology;
  •  At least 4 years’ experience creating online learning opportunities;
  •  At least 4 years’ experience working with teams of subject matter experts;
  •  At least 4 years’ experience implementing an instructional design process (e.g., ADDIE);
  •  Child Welfare experience

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