Job summary:

Java/Grails - Mostly remote

Saint Paul, MN, United States

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 05/05/2022 04:56 am

Job description:

*** Very long term project; initial PO for 1 year but expect to go for 3-4 years ***Webcam Interview*** Initial and mostly remote; some onsite visits required

Minimum Qualifications

·       Three (3) Years of experience developing Java web applications using the Groovy and Grails Framework (Groovy-only experience is NOT sufficient)

·       Five (5) Years of experience in Java web application user interface design and implementation including HTML, CSS, and Javascript

·       Three (3) Years of experience integrating Java web applications with SQL databases using Hibernate

Desired Skills

·       Experience developing Java web applications using Grails 3.x.

·       Experience developing Java web application user interfaces using recent user interface tools including jQuery and Bootstrap 3.

·       Five (5) Years of experience developing software both independently and in a team environment

·       Three (3) Years of SQL relational database design and coding experience

·       Detail-oriented and excellent concentration ability

·       An analytical mindset and critical thinking

·       Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code

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The recruiter working on this position is Abaka Kartik(Shaji Team)
His/her contact number is +(1) (571) 2812089
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