Job summary:

Network Support - Onsite

Jacksonville, NC, USA

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 05/03/2022 05:21 pm

Job description:

Interview Type: Skype *** Very long term project; initial PO for 1 year, expect to go for 4+ years *** Remote during covid then onsite

***The candidate is required to work on campus in Jacksonville, NC for the full duration of the engagement.

Expected Skills: Able to work without assistance; can provide leadership to others; able to manage highly complex work efforts; may have advanced education; may have extensive industry experience.

Description (including, but not limited to):

  • Design and maintenance of both the hardware and software necessary for a computer network
  • Specialization in Local Area Networks (LANs)/Wide Area Networks (WANs), TCP/IP, virtual machines, and/or server/network infrastructure
  • Responsibility for installation, configuration and administration of network routers and switches
  • Responsibility for installation of cable, wiring and related equipment for telephony and data interfaces and systems with communications functions
  • Execution of disaster recovery / back up procedures and archiving procedures
  • Responsibility for performance tuning, capacity planning, database administration, and fault management
  • Experience with CISCO switches/routers/WIFI/VOIP
  • Experience with Tunnels
  • Experience with AWS and Azure cloud services.
  • Advanced knowledge with NACs to design and possibly implement NAC system.
  • Knowledge of Agile SRUM methodology is a plus.
  • Knowledge of using ServiceNow for Incident and Request management is a plus.



Required Skills

  • 5 years of CISCO switches/routers/wifi
  • 5 years of VOIP experience
  • 5 years of Network Access Controls (NAC)
  • 3 years of Experience with AWS and Azure cloud services, including tunnels connecting to campus LAN.

Highly desired skills

  • 5 years of CCNA

Nice to have Skills

  • Agile SCRUM methodology


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