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Senior Java

Harrisburg, PA, United States

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 04/27/2021 03:10 pm

Job description:

*** Very long term project; initial PO till 9/30/2021 but expected to go for 3+ years ***Webcam interview; initial remote due to covid then onsite ***  Must pick up laptop in person;  *** 37.5 hours per week ***

  • This system is utilized for lab certification and re-certification, along with lab accreditation.  It is a Java 1.6.0_024 application, but we are upgrading this antiquated Java to 1.8 in the near future.  The system is written utilizing the Spring and Spring MVC frameworks for an annotation based model-view-controller architecture.  


    • The system performs validations with Spring validator and includes various regular expressions.  
    • The backend database is Oracle 12C and connections are handled via Mybatis 3.22 which uses XML-wrapped SQL statements.
    • Additionally, experience in Freemarker Velocity is desirable for handling mail mergers.  Experience with Log4j is desirable as the application uses it for logging.
    • 15+ years experience in a relevant IT related field
    • 7+ years using Spring
    • 5+ years using JSTL tag libraries
    • 6+ years utilizing Oracle 11G-12C database
    • 3+ year utilizing connector tools such as Mybatis 3.22
    • 5+ years XML
    • 3+ years in Freemarker Velocity or similar mail merger software
    • 3+ years with Log4j or similar logging tool.


    Preferred skills:


    1. 2+ years Gson, 
    2. 2+ years Soup, 
    3. 2+ years Xdocreport, Itxtpdf, and Poi

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The recruiter working on this position is Abaka Kartik(Shaji Team)
His/her contact number is +(1) (571) 2812089
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