Job summary:

R Programmer

Jackson, MS, USA

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 01/14/2021 10:22 pm

Job description:

****  Very long term project; initial PO for 1 year but expected to go for multiple years *** Webcam interview*** Need 3 verifiable references; Onsite position


Required Skills

  • 5 years R programming
  • Ability to build and deliver robust statistical models
  • Deliver high quality documentation and presentations to support and maintain model and library use
  • Able to interact with functional and technical consultants to ensure successful model building and deployment
  • Development and back testing
  • UAT
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • R Studio
  • SQL Manager
  • Gitlab/GitHub/Git
  • ADABAS/Natural/mainframe knowledge preferred
  • Agile
  • Power BI - preferred

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The recruiter working on this position is Ajay Chappidi(Shaji Team)
His/her contact number is +(1) (202) 6290353
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