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PMP Project Manager

Harrisburg, PA, United States

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 11/19/2020 03:53 pm

Job description:

*** Very long term project; initial PO till 6/30/2021 but expected to go for 3+ years ***Webcam interview; initial remote due to covid then onsite ***

  • Each Project Manager will develop and assist others in the development of projects plans and management of agency projects from initiation through to completion ensuring adherence to the project schedule and satisfaction of all business, technical and quality requirements. The incumbent requires a strong personality to manage cross-functional program area staff in the successful delivery of projects. The position reports directly to and receives direction from SERS Deputy Executive Director for Administration.  

    The position requires in-depth knowledge of project management methodologies (EPMM, PMP, PMBoK, etc.) and the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time, including those projects, for which the position is assigned as the lead Project Manager and those projects which the position is assigned to assist other Project Managers in the management of.

    1. Coordinates agency initiatives across business areas, with other commonwealth agencies, and with other contracted vendors as appropriate.
    2. Develops project plans and timelines to support efforts and assist in the smooth and thorough execution of projects.
    3. Coordinates, with other Project Managers and Heads of agency departments, in the allocation of personnel to ensure proper apportionment consistent with priorities and deadlines. 
    4. Provides guidance and assistance to others as they develop project plans.
    5. Provides guidance and assistance to others as they manage projects.
    6. Provides assistance to other Project Managers on those projects which the position is assigned to assist in the management of.
    7. Ensures changes to project estimates are documented and agreed to by the client agency department.
    8. Manages and tracks project progress against the project plan to ensure project is on schedule and takes corrective action if it is behind schedule.
    9. Notifies and keeps project staff informed of project timelines, milestones, phases, work request target dates, and approved executable work package.
    10. Communicates to project team members how their work relates to and helps to achieve project objectives.
    11. Ensures adherence to project scope and documents changes.
    12. Identifies risks, prepares risk mitigation plans, and executes contingency actions.
    13. Identifies constraints that may impede or prevent projects from being completed on time and escalate issues as necessary.
    14. Builds and maintains relationships and communicates with client agency departments. 
    15. Develops, documents, and reports on all required project management metrics.
    16. Prepares status reports for project team, program managers, stakeholders, and the agency senior leadership team.
    17. Plans, organizes, prioritizes, and manages multiple work efforts across multiple teams and at times across multiple projects.
    18. Schedules or monitors project status reviews.
    19. Manages scope of the project and gains agreement and approval of any scope changes according to established procedure.
    20. Serves as primary point-of-contact for all project related issues and resolution of issues for projects the position is assigned as the lead Project Manager.
    21. Resolves conflicts with sensitivity and tact.
    22. Thinks critically and innovatively in delivering solutions to problems and obstacles.
    23. Develops and facilitates achievement of program service commitments and performance metrics.
    24. Ensures that all tasks add value and support the strategic direction of the agency.

    Required Skills:
    1. 8 years experience with PMP  ; Ability to implement and manage project management methodologies for information technology projects.
    2. 5-7 years of practical project management experience over comparably sized application development projects.
    3. 5+ years of experience using Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office Suite.
    4. Demonstrated strong communication skills.
    5. Demonstrated skills in managing multiple projects at one time.
    6. Knowledge of the principles and methodologies of business process reengineering.
    7. Ability to work and communicate with a wide range of people peers, vendors, management and others. 
    8. Ability to display professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor and discretion. 
    9. Ability to manage own time effectively given priorities from manager; pension/retirement system experience preferred


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