Job summary:

UI Architect

Danville, IL, USA

Length and terms:
6 Months - W2 or C2C

Position created on 09/15/2020 10:42 pm

Job description:

**** Webcam interview; *** Initial remote due to covid then onsite***

Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor in Computer Science (BE or B.Tech)

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience developing or architecting Web Application UI with JavaScript, React JS, or AngularJS (knowledge of Angular 5+ required) based frameworks
  • Experience on UI frameworks such as AngularJS, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML5, CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS etc.)
  • Experience with Typescript and Objected oriented Javascript
  • Experience with responsive, adaptive UI design and development
  • Experience related to security oriented projects and solutioning.
  • Experience with BackboneJS, Angular, Polymer, and other popular front-end frameworks
  • Experience with NodeJS and related server-side concepts
  • Experience with ES6/ES7/ES8, UI Middleware
  • Experience with UI sharing: Web Components, Micro-frontends, Control/Pattern libraries and tools
  • Experience with state management: Flux, Redux, NGRX, and related patterns
  • Experience with packaging, bundling technologies, and library management tools Experience with the UX success factors accessibility, usability, and aesthetics
  • Experience in developing micro-components, micro services, and deploy on cloud platforms like GCP, Amazon EC2, and Azure
  • Experience in server-side: micro-services, CDNs, data caches, and stores
  • Experience in Jenkins, CI/CD Pipeline, GIT and other DevOps principles
  • Experience working with Agile development frameworks
  • A systems problem solver, able to move fluidly between high-level abstract thinking and detailed implementation
  • Open-minded to new ideas & approaches, and ability to implement the ideas using various technologies
  • A self-starter that is naturally inquisitive

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