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Security Auditor

Washington, DC, United States

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 Only - US Citizens Only

Position created on 05/15/2020 05:46 pm

Job description:

US Citizens Only - Federal/DoD project; must be able to undergo background check** Initial contract for 1 year with extensions; 


  • Perform an assessment to ensure security controls are consistently implemented on an information system
  • Analyze and verify implementation of security controls across the information system are following NIST Special Publication 800-53A (SP 800-53A) certification standards
  • Document all findings from the security control analysis and provide a final recommendation report on authorizing operation of the information system
  • Complete Assessment and Authorization testing within a 2-month period
  • Perform gap analysis on current security infrastructure
  • Ensure consistent application of information security standards across all agency information systems
  • Meet NIST and agency documented standards and guidance
  • Integrate these regulations and standards into a fully implementable security program
  • Ensure preparation for internal and external audits through management of all infrastructure artifacts required to pass audits
  • Ensure all new information technology (IT) projects meet or integrate security standards into their development.
  • Develop a culture of security-mindful professionals across the community 
  • Strive to be more flexible and responsive to new regulatory directives
  • Serve as the central authority for all IT security-related activities across the agency 
  • Ensure information system survivability and integrity
  • Optimize processes to meet IT security-related goals and strategies
  • Conduct an Assessment and Authorization (A&A) review of the Information System to ensure compliance with Federal Information Modernization Act (FISMA) requirements
  • Review all A&A supporting documentation to ensure correctness and consistency 
  • Provide security expertise and guidance to ensure the consistent application of A&A processes 
  • Maintain and provide reports on the status of all A&A materials and supporting documentation
  • Provide A&A expertise in the application of best practices to standardize and enhance A&A processes ensuring compliance with NIST 800-53A Federal IT system requirements.


  • 6 years experience
  • strong NIST, gap analysis, infrastructure, FISMA, A&A experience

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