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Java - Srum QA - w2 or 1099

Phoenix, AZ, United States

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Long term - W2 or 1099 only

Position created on 03/23/2020 07:05 pm

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** webcam interview.** Initial PO for 6 months; usually projects with this customer goes for 3+ years ***

W2 or 1099 only - no c2c ;  hourly contract.

remote work on this position until the pandemic subsides

As a Scrum Quality Assurance Analyst, the candidate will be part of a scrum team of 4-7 members in their team – 1 TL, 1 QA, 2 Devs, 1 PM/BA/SM. The core responsibility of Quality Assurance Analyst includes drafting, planning and manually execution of various levels of testing - including system, integration and functional tests. They will automate the functional tests in Cucumber/Gherkin with implementation in Java for happy path test scenarios. 

Sprints – Every team has the ability to choose between 2-4 weeks sprint. Teams review their sprints with business/Product Owners/Stakeholders on a regular interval. All technical and business teams are easily available and are located in the same building. Every team has their own environment which regularly gets refreshed from production allowing teams to test with most up to date data. Once teams and Product Owners are ready to release, they commit their changes to the release env which gets pushed to production on a monthly basis. Under the DevOps initiative, our goals are to deliver code into production through the PIPELINE on a frequent basis. Our code/including automation code is code reviewed thoroughly and regularly. Application development teams are in-house/on premise and all sit in their own cubes with the team. We empower our teams to be independent and to implement DevOps culture with various automated tools implementation to eliminate the need of manual execution and verification. 

Other job responsibilities include estimating task durations, facilitating collaborative planning session with teams (business analyst, developers and manual testers) following an Agile Scrum methodology, execution of automation test through our continuous integration tools and execution. Attention to details in one of the key skills for the candidate to have to be successful in this position. 

  • 8 years experience
  • Strong Java automation
  • - Working knowledge of Agile Scrum - understands/performs as a Scrum developer (wears a different hat when needed). 
  • - Strong knowledge of Selenium automation and JAVA core. (as QA automation tester). 
  • - Good knowledge on writing SQL queries. 
  • - Easy to work in a team environment with good communication skills and is great at attention to detail (core to be being a Quality Assurance)"
  •  Working knowledge required of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) / Test Driven Development (TDD), knowledge in Cucumber is a plus
  • - Working knowledge of writing Selenium web driver tests
  • - Working knowledge of Java/Groovy and JavaScript programming language
  • - Create and Execute Automated Testing scripts to ensure Regression testing can be completed thoroughly & efficiently
  • - General working knowledge of Defect tracking tools, Automation Tools, Test case management tools, Testing methodologies, Testing definitions & Processes
  • - Familiar with all facets of the software development lifecycle; preferably with Agile Kanban/Scrum
  • - General working knowledge of functionality of web applications
  • - Plans & Executes Test cases and performs ad-hoc testing where necessary and issues a detailed defect report

Environment: Oracle DB, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Celoxis (project mgmt), Cucumber (Behaviour Driven Development BDD) Gherkin syntax for test cases with implementation of Step Definitions and code in JAVA; Bamboo & Jenkins (CICD build and deployments of WAR files); Docker containers; Java/J2EE framework; Spring, Springboot apps, microservices structured applications; Git/Bitbucket as source code and code review application.

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