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Mainframe Analyst

Des Moines, IA, United States

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Long term - W2 or c2c

Position created on 12/03/2019 08:42 am

Job description:

*** Very long term project; Initial PO till 6/30/2020 -  expect to go for 5+ years  *** webcam interview ***On site- No remote ***

The individual will Work with the business team to understand the business need and how the current code correlates to the same, document the system, and to-be status of what is needed for the system to be rewritten in a client server distributed environment.  primarily has two environments: Legacy Cobol/CICS/IDMS/VSAM systems and client server/Web .NET systems.  Most systems are centralized; however, distributed systems get used in some of the field offices, and DHS owned and operated facilities, many of which are home grown while some systems use third-party applications.

  • The role is more of a senior technical analyst.
  • Trace and document data system logic and flows by reading & analyzing JCL, COBOL programs, CICS definitions, ADSO/IDMS programs, and 3rd party utility control cards, SPSS-Mainframe, IDCAMS, SYNCSORT, and other standard mainframe data manipulation processes.  
  • Extract and document Business Rules embedded in Mainframe programs, third party utilities, and other data manipulation products, which includes both business and functional aspects of the business rules.
  • Analyze, understand, and document current Mainframe logic and flows and work with the users and business teams to correlate the same with how the systems support the existing business, Federal, and State requirements.
  • Create detailed documentation of system analysis that would become the basis for a system rewrite into client server .Net environment.
  • Must complete the assigned task; communicate accurate and useful status updates; follow quality standards; Ability to work in a team environment; strong communication skills; both written and spoken.
  • Attention to detail is a must since the documentation generated would be the basis of system rewrites.
  • This person is expected to work and coordinate with multiple teams so clear and concise written and verbal communication skills are required. 


  • Trace and document data flows by reading & analyzing JCL. [Required 10 Years]
  • Trace and document data flows by reading & analyzing COBOL.  [Required  10 Years]
  • Trace and document data flows by reading and analyzing CICS definitions. [Required  10 Years]
  • Extracting and documenting Business Rules embedded in third party utilities, and other data manipulation products; in both business and functional[Required  10 Years]
  • Create a document describing the data transformation for every data element over a specific period (daily, weekly, monthly).[Required  10 Years]
  • Defining and documenting existing Business Processes[Required  10 Years]
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio. [Required 10 Years]
  • Perform Mainframe programming with COBOL, VSAM, Panvalet, MVS JCL, and PROCs. [Required  10 Years]
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively use third party tools and system utilities.[Required  10 Years]
  • Build solutions that cross multiple compute platforms (Mainframe CICS/Batch jobs and MS Windows servers) using batch processing techniques. [Required  10 Years]
  • Implement data models as needed using VSAM datasets. [Required  10 Years]
  • Build solutions within the specified project timelines [Required  10 Years]
  • Accurately prepare written correspondence that is coherent, grammatically correct, effective, professional, and engaging. [Required  10 Years]
  • IDMS development skills a plus [HIGHLY DESIRED  10 Years]
  • Previous experience with scheduling software [HIGHLY DESIRED  10 Years]
  • Understanding and experience in building consumable Web Services with Mainframe Technology[HIGHLY DESIRED  10 Years]
  • Demonstrate ability documenting and proposing an architecture for Mainframe Systems [HIGHLY DESIRED 5 Years]

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