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MS Dynamics Developer

Hartford, CT, USA

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 11/20/2019 12:21 am

Job description:

**** Onsite - No remote ** Webcam interview; very long term project; initial PO for 1 year with multiyear extensions ***

The agency needs the service of Dynamics 365 Developer to work .   The candidate will serve in the capacity of a Dynamics Developer participating in various SDLC processes including requirements verification, design and development, testing, maintenance, and support activities per the direction of agency management.  The specific focus of this candidate will be the to be part of the team which supports existing .NET applications as well as to participates in the SDLC process of the new CCWIS system and work with the System Integrator to ensure the transfer of knowledge and on-going maintenance of the solution for a given module. Specifically, the candidate will be responsible for creating and maintaining Dynamics applications and participating in the SDLC process which includes meetings with the SI, verification of deliverables such as requirements, design, testing, and environment configuration. 


Specific Services Required:

In this role, the following services are required:

  1. Design and development of the core technology and architecture of largescale distributed systems, midrange to client server and ntier ecommerce applications and solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  2. Designs systems integration plans; develops moderate to complex software modules; populates an application host and configuration matrices using industry standard strategies.
  3. Develops general and detailed design specifications for moderate to complex systems.
  4. Assist in the design and development of the database architecture including relational data structures, data marts, data dictionaries and logical and physical data models.
  5. Assist to develop strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, integration and implementation enterprise databases.
  6. Assist in migration and integration of data and processes from legacy systems to new applications and new technologies.
  7. Assists in the development of information systems blueprints, design patterns, templates for bestinclass software development and to ensure high levels of software reuse and the migration towards serviceoriented architecture (SOA).




For this position, the candidate shares experience and judgment with team to plan and accomplish goals, mentors less experienced staff, a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. In addition, the agency requires:



A 10 or more years of prior experience demonstrating the following knowledge and skills:


  1. Experience with development and implementation of large solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. Experience in the analysis and design of application solutions within appropriate standards.
  3. Experience with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2017,2019  integrated development environments, including development, debugging and deployment.
  4. In-Depth expertise with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Javascript Libraries.
  5. Experience with ASP.NET Forms and MVC 5
  6. Experience with .NET Libraries (e.g. Directory Services, Crypto, Enterprise Library)
  7. Experience with XML and related technologies and standards, such as the development of schema definitions (XSD), XML parsing and the development of XSLT.
  8. Experience with Windows Communication Foundation and creation of web services.
  9. Experience in the use of object oriented (OO) development principles such as Inheritance, Encapsulation and Polymorphism, Design Patterns, and S.O.L.I.D Principles.
  10. Experience with code control/version Team Foundation.
  11. Experience in Test Driven Development and testing tools and techniques.


Experience with the following is preferred:


  1. Experience with Pluggin Development
  2. Experience with Dynamics Security Model
  3. Experience with Modern UI/UX
  4. Experience with Agile Software Development

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