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GIS Administrator - Onsite interview

Columbus, OH, United States

Length and terms:
Long term - W2 or C2C

Position created on 11/05/2019 04:52 am

Job description:

*** F2F Interview required; Reasonable expenses will be paid *** Initial PO till 6/30/2020 with extensions; the customers fiscal year ends on 6/30 and they extend contract after that; usually project goes for 3+ years with this customer *** Onsite; No remote ***

  • Performing enterprise GIS software installations (ArcServer, ESRI Enterprise, SDE geodatabase, ArcGIS Online / Portal, Web Adaptors, etc.).
  • Providing on-going monitoring and troubleshooting of GIS infrastructure.
  • Creating system architecture documentation, scoping & building new environments.
  • Automating processes such as ETLs, GIS environment administration tasks, and other monitoring needs.
  • Ensuring environments maintain compliance with enterprise IT security policies (e.g. secure access, least privilege, and separation of duties).
  • Advising on GIS system integrations.

Required Skills

  • Six years or more experience with:
  • Implementation, configuration, and administration of Windows Server (2008 through 2016).
  • Troubleshooting, identifying, and resolving system level problems in Windows Server environments.
  • Support of enterprise system architectures, load balancing, and networking basics.
  • Understanding of virtualized environment configuration and operation.
  • Understanding of Active Directory functionality, including authentication and group-based authorization.
  • Understanding of MSSQL Server database operation, permissions, and capabilities in an enterprise environment.
    • Understanding of Oracle database operation, permissions, and capabilities in an enterprise environment.
    • Experience writing SQL statements to query and modify data in MSSQL Server and Oracle databases using SQL Server Management Studio and Aqua Data Studio.
  •  Clear, concise communication & documentation skills with experience documenting system architecture and use cases.

  • Four years or more experience with:
  • Administering, designing, building, and implementing enterprise GIS systems.
  • ESRI administration, specifically: Enterprise SDE geodatabase, ArcGIS Server, Portal, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online.
  • ESRI geodatabase administration in an MSSQL environment.
  • Experience developing, publishing, administering, and using REST services with ArcGIS Server.
  • Experience deploying and maintaining Web Adaptors for ArcGIS Server.
  • Experience developing and troubleshooting Python scripts.
  • Experience developing, testing, and implementing ETLs with ArcGIS Model Builder.
  • Experience with system integrations of ArcGIS in an enterprise environment.
  • Experience administering ArcGIS Online users, groups, data, and maps.
  • Experience using ArcToolbox and custom Python tools for data manipulation.

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