Job summary:

Site Reliability Engineer

Irvine, California, USA

Length and terms:
6 months - 1 year - W2 or C2C

Position created on 10/30/2019 04:11 pm

Job description:

**Candidates must take online test prior to the interview**

** Onsite - No remote **

The most essential skills 

  • Docker on Windows, Mac, and Linux its where our dev environment is located so absolutely essential that we can set up and maintain dev environments
  • AWS APIs for EC2, RDS MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, S3, ECS, and possibly in the near future Lambda
  • RoR 5.x Cryoportal V2  and ReactJS LiveView and a small amount on Cryoportal V2 and Java Cryotrax
  • MySQL 5.6.x and 5.7.x
  • ElasticSearch 6.x
  • DropWizard
  • Github API
  • Circle CI or another cost-effective CI solution
  • Sentryio or another cost-effective error monitoring solution
  • Gridlastic or another cost-effective Selenium Grid solution

Contact the recruiter working on this position:

The recruiter working on this position is SriRam Chimata(Krishna Team)
His/her contact number is +(1) (202) 7384242
His/her contact email is

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